Welcome to the Miami’s quirkiest blog, where we are very erratic individuals doing very erratic things.

The Author

The blog’s main author is me Crystal, where I get inspiration and help from my boyfriend of 8 months Rex.

The Beginning of Rex and I

hip hop miami floridaRex and I have both been born and raised in Miami. As we grew older into, we started to run into each other noticing we were in the same kind of scene in a particular area in Miami. We both were very fond of living it up in the nightlife where we knowingly played a game of trying to run into each other at the same location and would simply catch eyes with one another across the room.

I aspired to be an actress when I was younger, and my ignorance led me to believe that I had to be in the public’s eye to be noticed. After being a waitress for some mid end restaurants, I was approached by the owner of a popular club in Miami to be a dancer while getting paid certainly double what I was currently getting paid, and that didn’t even include the tips that I always wanted. While learning how to be an erotic dancer, I would start to notice who was regularly coming in, and I began identifying who were the regulars in the club. I noticed Rex.

After my shifts dancing and serving guests, I would usually end up at a restaurant downtown. I’d usually arrive with my group of friends as well as other co workers from the club, so I figured it wasn’t odd when I would notice Rex at the restaurant as well. He was always with his group of friends, both men and women, but the catching one another’s eyes looking at the other was still, at least for my first couple weeks working my new job.

palm beach floridaAfter one of my shifts, a customer had invited me and a friend to go to a house party that he was hosting that was located near the Miami coastline. I had been there before, and knew what kind of parties this guy had hosted. The last time I had went, I had brought one of my girlfriends in hopes of meeting a man there. This time, while the customer was inviting me, I caught Rex looking at me from behind the customer’s head. As I glanced away and then back up at him, he seemed to be walking out and leaving. On a whim, I rushed up to him, placed my hand on his shoulder and asked if he would like to attend the party with me. He enthusiastically accepted, and asked if I would like a drink as the party was likely to begin in just a few hours. Feeling that it would be a good idea to get to know each other before the party, I accepted and we sat down and began talking to one another, both believing that we were simply lucky to be in each other’s presence.

The events of that night sincerely made me feel as if this person was perfect for me, we shared a lot in common with our ethical values and both believed in the same types of aspirations and goals set out. This was all before we met. Since we have been dating, we now both have grown in our relationship, and grown in ourselves. We inspired one another through the learning that we had picked up as well as both developing into greater people. We now have left the club scene behind us and are moving towards bigger and better things.

The Blog

This is my first blog, and Rex isn’t much of a typist, so any future stories that involve the both of us will usually being written from my perspective after we had talked over situations.

Hope you liked the background on the both of us, and stay tuned for some erratic topics. This website will be unlike many others because it will be based on just about nothing except the lives we have lived and all the other random things that happen during it.

Where are We?

Without having to give too much of our identities away, there some pictures of us in these crowds of people. If you match both me and Rex (we aren’t together in any of these) email

miami me

crowds of people im in a white shirt rex is in dark grey

crystal is in this one