Guess where my favorite place is for celebrating new years. If you guessed Miami, than your right. Miami, FL is the best during the new years celebration. If you’ve ever been to Miami in the winter time, you know what I’m talking about. The weather alone is enough to bring anyone there for vacation. Most people picture New Years as a cold weather holiday- which is true, but Miami is perfect for all different types of holidays. The warmth and humidity was perfect.

miami ocean side

My time in Miami for new years was the best experience I’ve ever had to date. Having the ability to spend time with my family, and enjoying many different fun activities has really opened my eyes for sure. My time in Miami has always been a fun time, I’ve never had any complaints about the beaches, environment, and vibes there.

Imagine going to the beach in January. Pretty amazing image, right? Miami has warm water as well, so if you think the water is freezing- you’d be mistaken. The new years party by the beach was spectacular. Definitely a night I will never forget. The people, parade, party, and fireworks were amazing to see in person. There was a special feeling when I saw all the city sky light up with fire works. Time really goes by, and at the moment I couldn’t believe it was 2017.

sunset bay

The crowds in and around Miami were tremendous. Without a doubt, it was the best experience I’ve ever seen first hand. Everything around where I was at was exploding with people, fun, and fireworks. It’s hard to describe the experience with words. You had to just be there for the event to understand what was going on. Everything about the event was unforgettable. It really was. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a better city for new years than Miami with this past celebration. There’s nothing like a tropical new years. It was amazing.

south beach miami


Leaving Miami was hard. Our group stayed at the Hard Rock off Miami beach, and it was tough to say goodbye. I’m not from Miami, but seeing the city for the short time has really opened up my eyes to what life is like there. Did I mention- the New Year’s party I went to was my first time in Miami ever for a big event? In case you didn’t know- it was. Take it from me- go visit Miami when you get the chance, it was an amazing trip to say the least. I will definitely be back for next year’s new years.