If you ever have wanted to travel to Miami for vacation, you certainly plan to relax on the beach sometimes.  South Florida, Miami in particular, is known for the breath taking beaches in and around the coast.  Miami beaches are fun for everyone to go to.  Not only can the whole family have a blast, but bringing your romantic partner to the beach can be a great experience as well.  Spending a day at the beach is so fun, because there’s so much to do.  Everything from kite surfing, surfing, beach volleyball, tanning, etc. is easy to do.  A lot of people will enjoy soaking in the sun by themselves, but having other family members with you can make the day at the beach that much more enjoyable.  Miami and surrounding areas have so many beaches to choose from, having the ability to pick the right one may be challenging.  I’ve put together a list of the top three beaches around Miami to spend most of your time at.

Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best beaches to head to if your looking for a relaxing environment.  There aren’t nearly as much chaotic commotion and tourists as south beach has.  If your looking for something on a smaller scale, with the beautiful crystal clear water and white sand than sunny isle beach is your spot.  Not too far from the beach is a boardwalk that hosts several different bars, restaurants, and shops. If your with a family, sunny isle beach also has tons of recreational parks nearby for children if they need a playground to hang out on.  For adults, Sunny Isles B each is perfect for scuba diving, fishing, kite surfing, and snorkeling.  At the end of the night, local bars are only a walk away. Everything a kid or adult is easily available at sunny isles beach in Florida.

sunny isles beach miami ocean

If your ever in south Florida visiting Fort Lauderdale is one of the best beaches to visit, due to the beautiful sunsets and beaches.  Maybe you own or desire to rent yachts, Fort Lauderdale is the city for you.  Whether your looking for the luxurious, memorizing Florida beach Fort Lauderdale is your spot.  I remember going there for the first time when I was on spring break in college, it was a crazy experience to say the least.  Fort Lauderdale is the wealthy, tourist beach city many people are looking for when they travel to Florida.  Not only can tourists and visitors take advantage of the incredible views, but there’s also so much to do if your a nascar fanatic and enjoy the rush of the race track.

fort lauderdale fl miami beach

South Pointe Park is the perfect getaway for the fishing fanatic.  If you love to fish for any animal in the water, South Pointe Park is the beach you want to be at.  Stretching to the very top of Miami Beach, South Pointe Park provides plenty of space for tourists to roam the space, all seventeen acres stretch up the coast.  The beautiful ocean side properties offer a great escape from many of the big east coast cities.  The water is light blue, with a warm feeling to it.  Not only is South Pointe Park a great spot for friends and families to get together and fish, but also a great place for groups to set up picnic spots and soak up some sun.  Not everyone wants to run to the most popular beaches, where everyone is flocking to.

south pointe park beach fl miami

These are the top three beaches in south Florida for vacationing and relaxation. Of course, Florida has so many other beautiful beaches to offer, but these are three of my all time favorites. I’ve been to thousands of beaches all around the world, I’d like to think I’m a beach expert. Even if you’ve been to all of these beaches you will know what I’m talking about.  It’s tough to know if you like a Miami beach if you’ve never been there.  Next time you think or consider heading to the beaches in Hawaii, try and take a risk by taking a trip down to south Florida.  If you have any doubt that south Florida doesn’t have some of the best US beaches, simply YouTube any beach you want to travel to and you will notice how incredible the beaches truly are.