If you ever have wanted to travel to Miami for vacation, you certainly plan to relax on the beach sometimes.  South Florida, Miami in particular, is known for the breath taking beaches in and around the coast.  Miami beaches are fun for everyone to go to.  Not only can the whole family have a blast, but bringing your romantic partner to the beach can be a great experience as well.  Spending a day at the beach is so fun, because there’s so much to do.  Everything from kite surfing, surfing, beach volleyball, tanning, etc. is easy to do.  A lot of people will enjoy soaking in the sun by themselves, but having other family members with you can make the day at the beach that much more enjoyable.  Miami and surrounding areas have so many beaches to choose from, having the ability to pick the right one may be challenging.  I’ve put together a list of the top three beaches around Miami to spend most of your time at.

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