When it comes to super car cities, Miami tops many.  Other than LA on the west coast, Miami is one of the biggest super car cities in the country.  Just like LA, there’s tons of money everywhere in Miami.  Everyone from successful business owners, celebrities, athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, etc. has a super car to drive around and flaunt.  The price tag is hefty, but the beauty of the car in public makes up for it.  When I was on vacation in Miami all I saw was super cars.  If you’ve got the money to show off, the top five super cars to drive in Miami would have to be: Lamborghini, Mclaren, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari.  All the best super cars in the world come from Europe if it isn’t apparent already.

The Lamborghini, “Lambo”, is one of the best cars to show off with.  The two seater has a very different image compared to a lot of other super cars.  The lambo aventadors are personal favorites due to the distinct appearance and feeling of achievement when driving.  Lambo’s aren’t cheap at all, roughly half a million dollars will buy you a nice, brand new Lamborghini aventador.  Miami is filled with Lambo dealerships.  Not only does the lambo aventador attract a lot of attention, but it requires a lot of maintenance and care on the owner’s side.  If you haven’t already guessed, the Lamborghini cars are originally from Italy.

miami lambo supercar lifestyle

Mclarens pose another amazing car to peacock with on the streets of Miami.  A favorite by many Miami Heat players, the Mclaren isn’t just a beautiful car.  Although the look of the car is spectacular, the feel of the wheel is something like no other super car.  I remember waiting in line at the club when I saw two mclarens pull-up at the club.  Not only was the whole club looking at the owners, but the super car caused a lot of dropped jaws.  Mclarens are extremely fun to drive with, but like the lambo are only made for two people to be in the car.  The UK has been producing Mclarens for many generations, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.  

mclaren miami supercar lifestyle

Bugatti’s seem to be a Miami favorite for many wealthy patrons.  The French super car is nothing short of flare.  The masterpiece of art the founders set out to create takes the breath away upon driving.  The bugatti chiron is the latest model, and the most popular in Miami.  Many people spent a lot of time watching the majestic looking super car pull up to the gym when I was on the treadmill.  If you ever have the chance of owning a Bugatti Chiron you would certainly be extremely privileged.  I remember asking myself, “what do these people driving the Bugatti do for a living.”  The owners of the super car were young to, so I thought they had to be business owners or celebrities.  It turns out the owner of the super car was an real estate investor.  I was very impressed with the level of sophistication the man had.  

bugatti chiron miami lifestyle supercar

The Rolls Royce is certainly one of my all time favorite exotic cars to drive.  The British manufactured car has an image of power desirable by many of Miami’s elite.  Not only does the Rolls Royce have a look of supreme power and dominance, but the amount of success the car radiates off is impeccable. There’s a certain level of power and control closely associated with the Rolls Royce.  When I first saw a Rolls Royce in Miami my first impression was wow this man knows how to handle his money.  I’d feel like a gangster riding around with the Rolls.  The beautiful feature, besides the pure elegance of the design, is the amount of comfort allowed for all the passengers in the vehicle.  If you even have the opportunity to rent a Rolls Royce when you’re in Miami you’d be a very lucky person.  

rolls royce miami lifestyle supercar

The Ferrari is one of the most popular super cars in the world.  The direct competitor to the Lamborghini, the Ferrari also has the Italian touch to be labeled the best super car.  Ever since I was kid I remember looking at pictures of red Ferrari’s and being in awe.  I never thought I’d see a red Ferrari in person, until I went to Miami.  When I landed in Miami as soon as I came out of the airport I saw a red, apple Ferrari.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  Within three seconds I pulled out my cell phone to grab the image of this beautiful exotic super car.  When you see the super car of your dreams it’s hard not to resist taking a picture.  With the Miami palm trees in the background, the Ferrari looked spectacular.  It’s very difficult to get your hands on a Ferrari, but when you live in Miami there’s so many luxury car dealers available it’s easier than ever to find the right Ferrari you want.  

ferrari supercar miami flex

Seeing all these top super cars in Miami made me feel like something had to be changed inside my mind.  I left Miami thinking to myself, what do I need to do to own a super car.  All the owners of super cars have one thing in common, successful careers with years of hard work put in.  There’s no way any of the super car owners didn’t have to put in the necessary work for years.  Some of the super car owners were young, which leads me to believe that massive amounts of success were made through business or entertainment.  In Miami, there’s tons of opportunities to have unlimited amounts of success.  When you are looking for a city to propel you in life, Miami hosts several different key industries to present the lifestyle you always dreamed of.