If you’ve ever been to Miami, you will know how beautiful the weather is.  Year round, sunny blue skies with warm temperatures being the norm.  Everywhere you look is an amazing view.  A lot of people in Miami like to maintain good health and stay in shape.  What better way to stay in shape than to play a fun sport with your friends and family.  Living in Miami can be a fun time, especially having friends and family at the beach to relax with.  A lot of sports may be fun to play with friends and family, but the without a doubt the top five sports are basketball, beach volleyball, soccer, kite surfing, and Frisbee.  The common theme between all the sports is having a group setting to play with.  Although single player sports are fun, having the ability to get with the people you love the most to have fun is priceless.  

Basketball is by far the most popular professional sport in the US today.  Five players versus five players on the court battling for over an hour and a half for a win is very fun to watch.  When you have more than ten people to play basketball with, pick up games are a lot more fun.  Even if you have friends or family that aren’t as good as other basketball players it’s no big deal.  The cardio, jumping, agility, and athleticism required to play a game is what separates basketball from many other sports.  

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Beach Volleyball is the funniest sport to play when it’s scorching hot and you’re on the beach.  All that is required to play beach volleyball is a group of about six people and a volleyball net to separate two teams.  The sand definitely makes playing the sport a lot more challenging.  Working out in the sand or performing sports like volleyball or soccer on the beach can improve your strength, balance, and agility when it comes to exercise.  Some people don’t like sprinting or working out on the beach, so they need a fun sport to exert energy.  Everyone needs a way to release tension and stress, and if you have the ability to play beach volleyball, I’d be a good choice.  

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and my personal favorite.  Playing soccer on the beach is the most fun I’ve ever had with any sport.  The game is a lot harder because running in the sand can be quite challenging.  The best thing to do is head out to Miami beach an hour before the sun sets and play a quick pick up game.  The sunset on the east coast is beautiful, especially in Miami.  Using your feet and running are the most important things in soccer.  South American countries and European countries have kids and adults play on the beach all day.  Some countries like Brazil have kids playing soccer on the beach instead of going to school.  

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Kite surfing isn’t your typical sport, but it’s about as extreme as it can get.  Windy days on the Miami beach are the best days to take advantage of what the ocean can over.  Kite surfing can be dangerous for some people, if the wrong professional supervision is present.  Safety should always be the top concern when having fun with family and friends.  Kite surfing isn’t fun when your just by yourself.  When you have the chance to go kite surfing, make sure you bring a go pro to capture the whole experience.  I remember having a Go Pro on me the entire time I was up in the air.  Being able to look back years from now and see how much fun kite surfing was can be very memorable.  

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Frisbee is also one of the more uncommon sports, recently picking up a lot of popularity.  Nowadays many people are joining Frisbee leagues to play in.  When I was growing up Frisbee was never talked about very much.  Much like soccer, not much is needed to play Frisbee.  All you need is a group of family or friends and a Frisbee.  Frisbee games can get competitive at times.  If you’re not careful enough things can get out of hand.  Frisbee is fun to play, because throwing the Frisbee can be a blast when you’re able to fling it hundreds of feet.  It’s similar to American football when a player catches the Frisbee, only the Frisbee gently comes down.  

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In my personal opinion and through experience in Miami these are my top five favorite sports to play with family and friends.  Whether you’re with family or friends being able to spend a couple hours at the beach or field can mean all the difference.  Staying in shape is vital, particularly when you live in Miami beach.  Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand when it comes to the Miami lifestyle.  Taking the time to spend quality time with your loved ones while burning calories is priceless.  Being in a gym is never the same.  Playing outdoors allow for more space and freedom, something a gym can never have.