Getting in the upper class crowd can be difficult, particularly in Miami. Other than having money, you must develop a positive image among many members of the wealthier individuals to start getting the invites to the high class parties. Other than having clean clothes, a fashionable sense, and the appearance of wealth, there are other societal standards that are scrutinized among the elite individuals.

million dollar homeThis topic is in no way advocating for anyone to work to be apart of this particular group of people, rather, an informative insight into what is necessary to be apart of the high class. Among this class, image is everything. From the nice cars, to making sure there is someone there to  clean upholstery in your home, there must be no signs of “struggle” or association of undesirables. You want every aspect of life to showcase that you are a clean, wealthy, and healthy individual who continues to show signs of continued growth.

If you want to be apart of this society, and be gifted cars like this from other elitists, here’s what you need to do.


jack in the boxTo be an elitist yourself, you must be where other wealthy people are. This means not being seen at Jack-in-the-Box, but rather being seen at the most expensive restaurants in town. Here, other high class members will begin to recognize you and raise a glass from across the room as acknowledgment. You must hang out with other members of society who are at the same level of class as you or better. It also helps to be in good shape and to eat healthy foods so you look your best in the presence of others.

Now, once you begin to become a part of the community, there are many additional steps you should take to cement your status in their society.

  1. Kiss Ass and Butter Up – Conversation is what builds relationships. Even the slightest of commentary can make a big difference in what people think of you. Many elitists are used to everyone else sucking up to them, and you should initially do the same.
  2. Hop on the Bandwagon – The elite absolutely despise those that disagree with them, especially to their face. Don’t stick out your opinions until you know what theirs are and stroke that ego a bit.
  3. Run into them – Don’t be afraid to go to the common places they go to. Always running into certain elite individuals gives you the opportunity to have subtle conversation and become a more recognized and discussed individual among their networks.wealthy restaurant
  4. Be Active – Success follows activity. The primary means of establishing yourself among their group is becoming a regular sight for them to see, a topic of conversation, and make yourself available for others upon request, particularly those of higher rank.
  5. Use your ass-kissers – On your way to the top, there will start to be an occasional minion who will be buttering you up. Use this to your advantage, and get them to butter up the people you want to be associated as well as discussing what they like about you to other elitists.
  6. Join them – Join in their activities and success their business ventures. The elitists love talking money and particularly making it. If you are able to get involved in their money making ventures with them, or offer them an easy way to make money for themselves, your opportunity for success and acceptance with the community skyrockets. Money brings influence, and you will use this influence to your advantage.

Hit me up when you are a member of the elite, I’ll see if I can help introduce you to anyone “wink-wink” 😉