Miami is composed of many different types of people living many different types of lifestyles. With a population of over 400,000 people, it is an incredibly diverse city with a long varied history. The city of Miami is located at the south-eastern most tip of Florida, and has beaches on the east, south, and even a little bit that faces west. The climate is classified as tropical monsoon, which basically means it’s warm, humid, and has it’s rainfall season during the warm weather throughout the year. There is also hurricane season in Miami during the late summer and early fall months.

Miami is one of the 50 most populated cities in the U.S., and it’s certainly one of the most diverse. About one-third of the people in Miami are Cuban, about a sixth of the population is of Central American decent, about 20% of African decent, 12% European decent, and 1% Asian. There are all types of people in Miami, and it is a generally accepting city of many cultures. 

miami florida mapOne of the centers for economics in the world, Miami has tons of companies headquarters in the city, as well as a huge number of financial industries. Likely due to the location of Miami and it’s proximity to the rest of the world, it makes it a pretty ideal destination for large companies who have to do business in other countries as well as other parts of the United States. Miami is located as the farthest Southern edge as well as most Eastern place of the Southern States. This puts it in good proximity to travel to all of Central America, split access to New York and California, as well as still remaining in good proximity to African and European countries. Because of the large amount of institutions and companies in the city, it is sometimes prone to booms and busts in the economy where everyone is succeeding with booms but the middle and lower income class is severely crippled by the busts. It now has a tons of poor people in the state and is only behind Detroit and El Paso in terms of lowest family in comes in the United States. While it may be tricky financially, the city still is considered a very clean city with good air, tons of plants, and clean water.

If you are looking for a good time in Miami, that is probably the thing that city does best .There are tons of entertainment activities and performing arts centers around. Artists love performing in Miami and it attracts all kinds of the best performing artists in the business.

miami floridaPartying is easy to do in Miami. There are tons of clubs that are great to attend where they play some great electronic music, rap music, and other fun themes to shake it down to.

The food in Miami is very diverse and is highly influenced by the culture of the city. From Caribbean and Latin American food, which works well with American food, the restaurants litter all around the city. From prestigious high class restaurants to simple local food eateries, Miami has got some good grubbin.

Miami has 4 professional sports teams. The Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers, and the Miami Dolphins, of the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL respectively. The Miami Heat and Dolphins are huge in the city. The Heat created a winning culture in Miami bringing in 3 championships in 5 appearances in the last 10 years. The city of has gotten accustomed to the winning culture created and people are often found to be repping the Heat logo and colors. The Dolphins have a long history, and people are waiting for the team to come back to the glory days of the 70’s where they had a team that was considered the greatest in sports at the time. While the Marlins suck year after year, baseball games are a fun relaxing activity that still keeps the family outdoors enjoying some mild entertainment.  The Florida Panthers are a professional hockey team that has only been apart of the city for the last 5 years or so. People often forget there is a hockey team, because who thinks of ice hockey in tropical Miami? Nonetheless, they had a successful season last year making the playoffs, and if they can improve on their winning ability, the Miami fans will show their support.

There are also two major D-1 schools in Miami for people who want to attend a school or watch the athletics program of a high class school. Both the Miami Hurricanes and FIU Panthers are big schools in Miami that happen to not play in each other’s conferences, but they earn their support from their city. Particularly the Hurricanes, since they play at Hard Rock stadium, the same as the Dolphins, it’s certainly a fun event to attend with the rowdy college kids during football season.

miami parks

There are many parks around Miami where the fun never stops in the year round good weather city. There are also a ton of rivers, marinas, and bay areas for water themed activities like boating, para sailing, fishing, and jet skiing. And since Miami is always warm, water sports are actually a year round activity.

miami beachesWhile many people may consider Miami a place where the party never stops and everyone parties and hangs out on the beach, there are a ton of other things to do while in the city. Evidenced by the article though, while the parties are popular, there is a lot more fun to be had in the city of Miami, Florida.