Miami is a very watery place in the United States. While it is classified as a tropical environment, it actually doesn’t get too much rain, and when it does get rain, it usually comes during the hurricane season. The location of Miami is at the south-eastern most edge of Florida where all of the eastern and southern part of the city are right next to the ocean. Lake Okeechobee runs through the Miami River Canal into the Biscayne Bay. There are also artificially created barrier islands, two of them are Miami Beach and South Beach. The warm year round weather makes Miami an ideal spot to live for people who love to hang out in the water. Not only are the natural waters great, but people are able to enjoy their swimming pools year round.

If you can’t get enough warm water, and you think you may be part amphibian, then the Miami landscape may be right for you. There are tons of ways to get in the water at any time of the year, and the following is a list of some of our favorites.

If you are hitting the water, you at least want to have the option to swim, here are a list of our favorites spots in Miami where swimming an relaxation is an option:

Larry and Penny Thompson Park

Right behind the Miami’s Zoo, there is a sweet little watering hole where you can swim, ride down water slides, play games in the shallow water, and relax while your kids play.

larry and penny thompson park miami fl

Crandon Park

This beach may be what you are imagining when you think of Miami beaches. There are tons of palm trees that are on the beach as well as places for families to hang out, barbecue, play in the sand, and very shallow waters for the not so strong swimmers that may be in your group. crandon beach miami florida

Delray Beach

Delray beach is usually a pretty quiet beach where you can often get the place to yourself. Bringing your family is commonplace here where there families can see their children on these treeless beach and it sits at a perfect location for people to take advantage of the suns rays. delray beach miami fl

Maule Lake

A popular place for the wealthy Miami residents, there are currently plans to create a floating home of islands that will sit in the lake. Enjoy the lake while you can before the city plans for development. Hopefully they will consider leaving the lake open for the public forever because it really is a super neat aspect of the city. maule lake miami fl

Venetian Pool Coral Gables

One of the United State’s most historic swimming pools, it is constructed out of a quarry on a large plot of land and filled with water along with other ornaments that really makes this my favorite place to swim. It has waterways that you can swim through that will travel underneath bridges, waterfalls, and there are palm trees nearby. There is a lifeguard available who keeps the place save, and a little cafe for people to relax in. This ideal location is a common place for people to host their weddings and other festive events. venetian pool coral gables