I spent so much of my early 20’s in the Miami club scene, and while that isn’t completely my scene anymore, I still do find my self in one of the better clubs in the city around once a month. Although I’m not labelled a party animal or a rager like I may have been before, I still know how to turn up on occasion and do enjoy myself when I’m in a club where the experience is lively and people are there inspired to have a great time.

Miami’s club scene is actually pretty cool if you know the right areas to go to. There are a few clubs that are consistently great in the area, while some that I have been to have consistently sucked and I just can’t recommend them. So, without badmouthing the terrible clubs, I’ll mention the best. Why bother going to a club that isn’t considered great unless you know someone who will be there. If you and the girls or the guys or the couples are looking for a place to boogie down, these are the clubs that you are going to want to go to.


story nightclub

Story is one of my favorite clubs to go to on the weekends. They have great music that isn’t, at least my taste of music, and the people inside always seem like good people. There is never really too many incidents of people getting too rowdy, they have security under control, the drinks work efficiently, the scene is amazing with all of their lights going on, and it seems like the entire staff works well together and does it’s part to create one of the most positive atmospheres for a club experience in Miami, FL.


nightclub in miami

I love the steamy staff at Steam! One of the friendliest group of people there. It’s usually quite a young crowd and their excellent music tastes definitely reflect it. The people who go there can be fun sometimes, and lame others, it kind of depends on the night. If you roll with a killer group who creates an awesome atmosphere, it seems like the club rolls with that, but it somewhat expects to have those kind of people in every night. When the party animals aren’t in the house, the place is ‘eh.’


space nightclub

Space stays up late. People will be at Space until the sun starts to rise regularly, and the crowd is always amazing. You’re rolling with people who know that there isn’t really a cutoff to how long you can party your face off, so while people are spending their time there, they go wild, and it’s usually so much fun.

While it seems the Miami club scene is beginning to die down, there are still some ultimate venues to hit up when you are looking to party on a Saturday night, and these places are the ones that I would certainly recommend.