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Month: October 2016

A Clean Image

Getting in the upper class crowd can be difficult, particularly in Miami. Other than having money, you must develop a positive image among many members of the wealthier individuals to start getting the invites to the high class parties. Other than having clean clothes, a fashionable sense, and the appearance of wealth, there are other societal standards that are scrutinized among the elite individuals.

million dollar homeThis topic is in no way advocating for anyone to work to be apart of this particular group of people, rather, an informative insight into what is necessary to be apart of the high class. Among this class, image is everything. From the nice cars, to making sure there is someone there to  clean upholstery in your home, there must be no signs of “struggle” or association of undesirables. You want every aspect of life to showcase that you are a clean, wealthy, and healthy individual who continues to show signs of continued growth.

If you want to be apart of this society, and be gifted cars like this from other elitists, here’s what you need to do.

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Miami Lifestyles

Miami is composed of many different types of people living many different types of lifestyles. With a population of over 400,000 people, it is an incredibly diverse city with a long varied history. The city of Miami is located at the south-eastern most tip of Florida, and has beaches on the east, south, and even a little bit that faces west. The climate is classified as tropical monsoon, which basically means it’s warm, humid, and has it’s rainfall season during the warm weather throughout the year. There is also hurricane season in Miami during the late summer and early fall months.

Miami is one of the 50 most populated cities in the U.S., and it’s certainly one of the most diverse. About one-third of the people in Miami are Cuban, about a sixth of the population is of Central American decent, about 20% of African decent, 12% European decent, and 1% Asian. There are all types of people in Miami, and it is a generally accepting city of many cultures.  Continue reading

The Never Ending Miami Waters

Miami is a very watery place in the United States. While it is classified as a tropical environment, it actually doesn’t get too much rain, and when it does get rain, it usually comes during the hurricane season. The location of Miami is at the south-eastern most edge of Florida where all of the eastern and southern part of the city are right next to the ocean. Lake Okeechobee runs through the Miami River Canal into the Biscayne Bay. There are also artificially created barrier islands, two of them are Miami Beach and South Beach. The warm year round weather makes Miami an ideal spot to live for people who love to hang out in the water. Not only are the natural waters great, but people are able to enjoy their swimming pools year round.

If you can’t get enough warm water, and you think you may be part amphibian, then the Miami landscape may be right for you. There are tons of ways to get in the water at any time of the year, and the following is a list of some of our favorites.

If you are hitting the water, you at least want to have the option to swim, here are a list of our favorites spots in Miami where swimming an relaxation is an option: Continue reading

Professional Sport Teams in Miami

Miami Heat

shaq miami heatWhile the Miami Heat may not have been around long in comparison to other NBA teams in the association, their presence has been undoubtedly felt and they have made their mark on NBA history a number of times. They have had a number of fantastic players apart of their team history, and while they have regularly flirted with mediocrity, it always seemed they would come back stronger than ever shortly afterwards. In 2003, the Miami Heat selected Dwayne Wade out of Marquette with the 5th pick of the draft, and ever since, American Airlines Arena has always created some fantastic shows for the crowd as well as uplifting the spirits of the city. After achieving All-Star status along with a few disappointing seasons, Shaquille O’Neal, the most dominant player in NBA history left the Los Angeles Lakers and teamed up with Dwayne Wade to take the Heat to the NBA finals against the Dallas Mavericks where they brought the first championship to South Beach.
big3usaFollowing a few years of mediocrity, Miami was able to lure All-Stars Lebron James and Chris Bosh to form a “Big 3” in Miami and instantly became favorites to win the NBA Championship. Over a period of 4 years, the Heat lost 2 and won 2 NBA Championship, and got Miami excited and very used to a winning culture, and a winning city. During this period of winning in Miami for the Heat, it seemed the rest of the city was in a happy mood partying regularly in enthusiasm with the success that championships brought to the city.


Following the departure of Lebron, the Heat began to struggle, particularly along with Chris Bosh’s injuries and lack of depth on the top. This year, Dwayne Wade left the Heat to join the Bulls, Chris Bosh will not play for the Heat, and the post Wade era is beginning in South Beach with a long list of young talent that leaves the future for Miami Heat basketball bright. Regardless of the success of the team, the Miami Heat always put on great basketball games and are the best opportunity for weekly sport happiness in the city. The Miami Heat are, and will continue to be the best sport team to watch in South Beach.

Bright spots on the current roster include Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson, Dion Waiters, Justice Winslow, Hassan Whiteside, Josh Mcroberts, and Derrick Williams. Go check out the Heat!

Miami Dolphins

1972 dolphinsThe Miami Dolphins weer at one point the greatest show in Sports. In 1972, the Dolphins are the only team in NFL History to win every single game in the season and captured the seventh Super Bowl. Both Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka rushed for 1000 yards on the season, and the rest of the strong team excited the entire city of Miami winning game after game after game, and attending a football game at the stadium was always exciting.

In 1973, they continued    with their success and destroyed the Minnesota Vikings in the eighth Super Bowl at a scored of 24-7. The Dolphins have a very storied history and had some amazing years that always kept the fans excited with Dan Marino leading the way and setting records in the NFL.

As of late, the Dolphins haven’t been successful as the history might suggest, but they continue to put on a good show, even if it is caused by the hands of the other team whooping on them, but you gotta love the atmosphere of the stadium and the fantastic year long weather that permeates through the stadium during football season.

Miami Marlins

miami marlinsOnce known as the Florida Marlins, the newly named Miami Marlins are fun baseball team to attend with the family. Although they are a professional baseball team, they don’t set up that successful culture as much as other Miami teams or Baseball teams for that matter, but the atmosphere in Marlins park is always a spectacle for fans of home teams and away teams alike. They had one of the first cheer teams in Baseball, and are still a fantastic baseball atmosphere for sports fans and people looking to enjoy a baseball game as well as be able to relax on an afternoon.

Miami’s Top Clubs

I spent so much of my early 20’s in the Miami club scene, and while that isn’t completely my scene anymore, I still do find my self in one of the better clubs in the city around once a month. Although I’m not labelled a party animal or a rager like I may have been before, I still know how to turn up on occasion and do enjoy myself when I’m in a club where the experience is lively and people are there inspired to have a great time.

Miami’s club scene is actually pretty cool if you know the right areas to go to. There are a few clubs that are consistently great in the area, while some that I have been to have consistently sucked and I just can’t recommend them. So, without badmouthing the terrible clubs, I’ll mention the best. Why bother going to a club that isn’t considered great unless you know someone who will be there. If you and the girls or the guys or the couples are looking for a place to boogie down, these are the clubs that you are going to want to go to.


story nightclub

Story is one of my favorite clubs to go to on the weekends. They have great music that isn’t, at least my taste of music, and the people inside always seem like good people. There is never really too many incidents of people getting too rowdy, they have security under control, the drinks work efficiently, the scene is amazing with all of their lights going on, and it seems like the entire staff works well together and does it’s part to create one of the most positive atmospheres for a club experience in Miami, FL. Continue reading